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    People Management (HR) Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses

    Manage My People

    People Management (HR) Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses

    Why MMP

    People Friendly

    Tech-savy or not, ALL of your employees and managers will enjoy how easy it is to access their work and staff related information with MMP. Microsoft Cortana integration means that your people can input and access information simply by asking the Cortana digital assistant to do things like book leave, get vacation days left and much more.

    Reduced Business Risk

    The #1 reason companies lose Labor Board or Human Rights complaints is the lack of supporting documents. For much less than a settlement cost, MMP gives you quick and easy access to all your people related information including employee contracts, absence tracking, and other pertinent material, in one place to support your case.

    All the Basics with No Fluff

    Employees can
    • view details
    • book leave
    • fill time-sheets
    • check-in/out
    • sign docs and much more
    Managers can
    • add employee
    • approve leave
    • assign assets
    • assign docs and much more

    Why Choose MMP


    • Sue C
      "When you run a small convenience store & post office in a busy neighborhood, staying on top of time-off requests from as little as 6 employees can be a real headache. MMP provided me with an easy to use affordable solution that keeps me and my staff happy and headache free!"
      Sue C
    • Kathy J
      "Having already suffered a bad experience with the provincial labor board, MMP keeps a digital paper trail to provide the proof required to dramatically reduce or even eliminate the financial impact of a ruling against an employer!"
      Kathy J
    • Vishal S
      "Our business was already using Microsoft Office 365 and we were amazed to see our MMP implementation done in less than 15 minutes!"
      Vishal S

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